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    This is foods from Italian, France, Spain, Germany, and Denmark, and these pictures are just examples of these countries’s cuisine

    All countries have a cuisine, so shut the fuck up

    Also what the fuck is “white” cuisine… yes let’s ignore all the extremely variable cuisines in countries that happen to have whites as the majority!  sjws have reached the intelligence level of dogshit.

    White cuisine is when SJWs are unable to imagine Europeans eating anything other then white bread or mayo but assume you are the ignorant, boring ones 

    Let’s have some more

    20 bucks says the people who posted and reblogged this unironically couldn’t cook any of that “strong, proud poc cuisine” to save their lives and spend most of their times eating shitty attempts at Italian food anyway like Dominos and Olive Garden 

    "Hispanic" cuisine. lol.
    And let me tell you a fucking thing about Arab/Middle Eastern cuisine. The ME cuisine and South European cuisine have loads of similar dishes that were a common trading ground for both regions. Greece and Turkey have so many dishes in common, as do some ME countries and Spain.

    When will you guys learn that culture isn’t solely in one place and that all its elements can be found in one place and another.

    I can confirm, as an Italian -white as mozzarella- that over here we only eat slices of bread 24/7, yes. 

    ahaha that’s pathetic, whoever created the post is a poor ignorant.


  2. Mexican riots: any reliable source?

    any source about the mexican students that are desaparecidos?

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    Vegan forever

    How precious <3

    I dunno, i’d still eat him

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    This is absolutely fantastic.


    Jesus…. Lol!!!

    Fucking idiots.



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    I went to the Indian food store today with my mom and I stumbled upon these, among a dozen other skin whitening products marketed towards both men and women. I’ve always known Fair and Lovely is a thing but Fair and Teens, a skin whitening product targeted specifically at young girls, makes me so so sad. That image alone comparing the before and after images of skin tone is so sickening to me and only perpetuates the shadism desi people experience every day in an effort to look as white as possible because apparently the only way to be beautiful is to be white. It just makes me so angry that products like this exist and that they’re indirectly responsible for a lot of young brown girls internalized hatred for their skin and their race. Speaking as someone that’s been there, please don’t fall into this trap. Your skin is beautiful no matter how dark or light it is.

    how do whitening products, chemically speaking? aren’t they Dangerous?

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  6. Leon Degrelle in 1928.

    How pretty was he?????

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    Léon Degrelle in his Sd.Kfz. 251 half-track with his children by his side during the parade of the SS Sturmbrigade Wallonien in Brussels on 1 April 1944. The Wallonien crossed the city from south to north passing in front of the “Bourse” (the Belgian Stock Exchange Building).

    "I got to greet the Légion Wallonie parade in front of the stock house on one of our vehicles. I was happier and more proud than ever before when the armored cars and other vehicles drove past me with load noise. These were lent to us by Sepp Dietrich, but they were filled with our Belgian soldiers. I greeted every single machine with my right hand high, my steel helmet on and the freshly received Knight’s Cross on my chest. The other hand was intermittently holding one of my children’s hand who were allowed to climb into the vehicle and stand next to me. The mass, which estimatedly involved around a hundred thousand people, was cheering and threw us piles of flowers."


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    protect fanfiction writers at all costs 

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  9. bombing:

    someone reply to this

    i poop very often


  10. did you like Tom Cruise’s Valkyrie (i just saw it and it wasn’t that bad even with the obvious flaws)?